How to satisfy a woman?

From ancient times men considered to be the conquerors and explorers. But they are known to perform feats like not only in climbing the corporate ladder, but also in bed with the woman. Self-evaluation of the stronger sex depends on the ability to meet his faithful, and this is where ignorance of the female body and female psychology and leads to damage on the love front. Mistakes, errors and mistakes of men once again in search of an answer to the question: how to meet a woman?

Men Use Maximizer

Men Use Maximizer

Common sexual misconceptions men
The longer, the better. On foreplay men try to spend less time, because we are interested only in the time frame of “the core”. A sexologist proved long ago that you should not forget about the individual characteristics, psychological factors, and other important nuances – enough for one five minutes to get an orgasm, and the other should be at least half an hour. Through research experts have come to the conclusion that the average of the duration of sex: 2 minutes and 2 seconds. The reasons why a man struggling to prolong the sexual act are different, but one of them – is an attempt to bring happiness to your partner. But where then attempt to learn the subtleties of elementary psychology of women and understand what is really needed his lover?

Cognitive aspect
Demonstrating every night poses from “Kama Sutra” – a noble cause. But not all women appreciate it highly. Some considered that would not want to know every time more and more gymnastic techniques. Is not this lead to the desired result firework stand, but rather the opposite. Where is patience? Many say, “He’s trying so hard for me, why should it hurt?” Conclusion: the effort – it’s good, but the main thing – to know in which direction to try.

Sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here again the male psychology works conqueror. To be the best, the stronger sex has to constantly prove their superiority. A partner in such an “insatiable and restless” chose the opposite in nature, it does not need a wild passion, and the amount of sex, alas, does not affect the quality of orgasm. Business again in psychology. Trade-off between seemingly disparate things – success on sexually.

Provide examples of erroneous actions of men can be long, but only in general terms, because again it comes down to personality. Objectively strong floor will have to recognize that to understand your partner (and meet her) – the task is difficult, but solvable.

Tell your ear. All women love with their ears. Be a hero-lover and not know of the fact that only words alone can bring a woman pleasure, comparable to an orgasm – do not know a woman at all.

Wait a minute
This is true not minutes of intercourse, and the time frame to it. Except in cases where sex is spontaneous, in public places or both partners passion too powerful to waste time on foreplay.

A measured pleasure
Smart women are convinced that no matter how many centimeters, it is important to be able to use what nature has given. Giacomo Casanova himself claimed that the size of the male organ does not matter in the process of meeting women.

Modern psychology of sex
To date, there are a lot of literature shows about sex even with the participation of experts and, apparently, all should be clear and understandable. But men and women are still looking for a compromise in the bed, a cherished point G, learn new poses and completely forget about the more important things in understanding the lessons of love – of consciousness. Thoughts, habits, mental attitude and the attitude to sex, a person’s character, after all. It is only when a man reaches women in the knowledge of harmony between the physical part and the subconscious mind, it is safe to say that he has gained the title of hero-lover in a relationship with your partner.

Studies have shown that women kissing and fondling the other is much more important than the process of sexual intercourse. Consequently, the satisfaction they get when the two processes are interrelated, but with priority foreplay.

Two-thirds of Germans believe that the man who is a good kisser, a great lover.

A third of all people have extramarital affairs
The speed with which the sensation during sex from the skin to reach the meninges, around 250 kilometers per hour.

According to statistics, about 60% of Italians brought to orgasm by their favorite ladies every time lovemaking. Not far behind them, and Hungary – 58%. Minimal results from the Dutch – half of the male population. Russia, unfortunately, in this survey did not participate.

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